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With a record like ours, we are confident we can provide you with the best possible service in all aspects of selling your home.

After nearly ten years of selling property in the area, and as a response to changing market conditions several years ago we have adapted our method of approach in sales to ensure we remain current, this has involved a “back to basics” outlook specifically designed to generate interest in your property, as swiftly as possible.

With our no frills sales service we can now focus our time on the most imperative elements of property selling which we have found to prove a successful consideration in recent times.

At Wainwright & Edwards we know that not everyone uses the internet when looking for their new home or investment, by remembering this we remain dominant in various specific areas of the market, in the sale of properties which are of interest to individual groups of purchasers including, bungalows, apartments and downsized properties for example.

For those who prefer to use the internet, we provide full marketing throughout the best property portals to potential purchasers the world over.

Market Improvements

We have noticed an improvement in the market of late across all sectors of property. Whilst we recognize many potential vendors may have been put-off the idea of selling their home in recent years due to market conditions, we remind our vendors that although buyers have been in a more favourable position recently, those buyers are indeed clients who have also had to sell their own properties and this has afforded many of our customers the opportunity to acquire larger properties, in more sought after localities than they felt possible.